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About Tetrad

The word TETRAD is a cool way to denote the numeral four. Element four symbolizes completion and freedom, like the four seasons and the four directions. The motto of Tetrad is to deliver product and services suitable for everyone; at all times. Our goal is to become a timeless brand for customized fashion.
Sprouted at the year of 2015, we made strong impressions on our ideals by delivering unique and tasteful fashion merchandise. During our run, we always strive to have our customers awestruck towards our quality, designs and customer service. We believe to have done well on our promise, as our major regulars are the most selective Generation X.
In Tetrad, we believe that fashion is a powerful statement. We see it similar to the most famous dialogue of a superstar and no two superstars can be renowned for the same epic lines.
Contact TETRAD and let us make your fashion story a mega hit!

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